About us 
Touli is a Montréal-based small business run and founded by friends, Do and Lily, who are also moms of toddlers. Guided by the desire to slow down and enjoy each moment in a fast-paced world, our goal is to help modern families create memorable moments with their loved ones. 

Through Touli, we are redefining festive decorations by offering goods that are sustainable, gender-inclusive and handmade in small batches in Montréal. That’s our promise.

do lily touli boutique

Creating memories that last

Touli is inspired by the word ធូលី (thouli) in khmer which means “dust”, a little homage to our Cambodian descent. Touli symbolizes energy, movement, and memories that linger after a get-together with the ones you love (something we can’t wait to do after the pandemic). For us, Touli creates a magical ambiance, that pixie dust that brings back our childhood memories.

A small business led by two mamas
Touli was born as we were both planning our respective babies’ first birthday. In the midst of the pandemic, we were forced to think outside the box and celebrate this important milestone differently.

We’ve set out to help modern families slow down and enjoy each moment in a fast-paced world by offering products that help create memorable moments, a notion that is even more so important nowadays. 

From birthday bundles to decorative banners to cake toppers, all our products are designed and assembled with care by us. We pride ourselves on quality decorations that are sustainable, gender-inclusive and handmade in small batches in Montréal.

We truly hope you will enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them for you. If there is anything you want to know, feel free to drop us a line at or on social (Facebook & Instagram)!

With love,
Do & Lily