Extra Avocado Please - Decorative Garland

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On a toast, as guacamole, in a smoothie, or even as decoration. The theme for all avocado lovers now exists. Avocado-themed garland made to add a special touch to a room or celebration!

Psst! Our garlands are made to be loved more than once. Handle with care so you can give them a second life by hanging them up in the family’s playroom or use as decor in a nursery or bedroom. 


  • Pre-strung with a 10 feet long cotton string 
  • Contains 9 decorative elements (7 cm x 10 cm each)



  • All Touli products are handmade in small batches in Montréal, from design to assembly;
  • The majority of our premium quality coloured papers are made with at least 30% post-consumer waste recycled fibre;
  • All our packaging is recyclable.

Please reuse and recycle :)

* All product dimensions are approximate measures